Authentic Italian Bruschetta

You’re not gonna believe how easy, quick and delicious this is! Three simple ingredients create an appetizer you’ll be proud to serve!  Who knew something so simple could be so good?

Three rounds of toasted Italian bread topped with bruschetta on a white oval plate

If you’re looking for an easy summer recipe, then look no further! This simple bruschetta appetizer is perfect when tomatoes are ripe and the sun makes it too hot to cook!

Why you’ll love this recipe:

  • Bruschetta is simple, flavorful and filling
  • It’s hardly a recipe at all! Just combine tomatoes with oil and seasonings and you’re done!
  • It’s a great way to use an over abundance of fresh tomatoes
  • Versatile and an excellent garnish for eggs, fish or tacos!

You only need a few simple ingredients

Tomatoes, basil, basil, salt, olive oil and bread on white cutting board
Tomatoes, olive oil, basil, bread, salt and pepper. The only ingredients you need!

How to make it

Prepare the tomato mixture first, then slice and toast the bread. Use a slotted spoon and place a little onto toast and serve! You’ll need 2½-3 cups of diced tomato. You can make the bruschetta topping in advance (up to three days.)

Best way to seed a tomato

I’ve tried slicing them and using a spoon to scoop out the pulp, but the best and quickest way is to use your hands! Cut the tomato in half; remove the core, then cut into quarters. Use your thumb to “scoop” the pulp and remove with your mighty little fingers!

Numbered steps for preparing tomatoes 1-6

After you seed and dice the tomatoes, season lightly with salt and pepper, then drizzle a little of the olive oil; combine well, cover and refrigerate for 10-20 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the toast rounds.

Numbered steps for making toast 7-12

How to serve it

  • Season the tomatoes with salt, pepper and olive oil and let them sit in the fridge for 10-20 minutes.
  • When you’re ready to serve, remove from the fridge and let  sit until they get to room temperature.
  • Toast the bread in the oven or grill; rub a clove or two of cut raw garlic onto each warm bread slice
  • Use a slotted spoon and scoop out a little of the mixture and place on top of the toasted bread
  • Garnish with chopped basil and serve

FAQ’s and tips

What kind of tomatoes should I use? 

In the States, unless you grow your own, you’ve probably never had a “real” tomato–at least not from the grocery store.

  • First favorite is a homegrown or “farmer’s market” tomato; I like Jacksonville tomatoes the best!
  • Next, the best choice is an heirloom. Unfortunately, they are very expensive.
  • The third option is a vine-ripened which is similar to a homegrown tomato, but not as sweet.
  • Finally, the Roma are a last option. They are much smaller than vine-ripened, so if you use Roma tomatoes, buy more than indicated in the recipe

Living in Texas, I have access to delicious Jacksonville tomatoes. This small East Texas town is known as “The Tomato Capital of the World” due to it’s large–wait…HUGE, delicious fruits. The East Texas climate and rich red soil provides a distinct and undeniably delicious flavor! These babies are HUGE–9″ in diameter and the flavor is second-to-none! If you cannot get to Italy, this is your next best bet.

How to order Jacksonville Tomatoes

If you can’t get to East Texas anytime between May and the first freeze, just call David at The Tomato Shed in Jacksonville and he’ll send you some of local ta’maters! Tell him I sent ya!

What type of olive oil should I use?

A high-quality olive oil is the second secret to delicious Bruschetta because quality oils actually have flavor, whereas the brands in the grocery stores are often bland and lack flavor.

The California Olive Ranch offers a variety of olive oils and you can usually find this brand in the grocery store.

The Grapevine Olive Oil Company, located on Main Street in Grapevine, Texas, offers a wide range of excellent quality oils and vinegars. I love their Taste of Tuscany flavored oil and they offer shipping, too!

Dried or fresh basil?

The success of this recipe also relies on fresh basil. You don’t have to grow your own basil or buy a basil plant, you can use packaged fresh basil which is usually found in the produce department of your grocery store.

Simply chiffonade a few leaves of basil and sprinkle over the tomato/olive oil mixture after you’ve placed it on the toasted bread. The bright green color of the herb contrasts with the red and looks absolutely stunning!

What type of bread should I use? 

Any type of rustic loaf bread works great — Italian, French or Sourdough! If you don’t have time to grill or toast the bread, you can buy pre-made, toasted crostini rounds usually found in the deli department.

Serving suggestions

Use bruschetta as a side or topping for scrambled eggs, baked fish or in tacos!

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Bruschetta on toast with basil garnish

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Authentic Bruschetta Recipe

Delicious ripe tomatos nestled in olive oil and basil served on garlic infused toasted bread.
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Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Italian
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Resting Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Yield: 12 1/2 inch slices of a whole french bread loaf
Author: Anecia Hero


  • 6 large vine ripe tomatoes (2½-3 cupsdiced tomatoes) - See Recipe Notes½
  • ¼ cup high-quality extra-virgin olive oil some to drizzle on the tomatoes and the remainder for the bread
  • 1 clove garlic cut
  • 1 loaf Italian bread (see Recipe Notes)
  • 3-4 tablespoons fresh basil finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoons black pepper


  • Slice tomatoes in half and remove seeds
  • Dice tomatoes and place in medium size bowl; add salt and pepper
  • Drizzle olive oil over tomatoes (don't use all of the oil for the tomatoes; reserve some for the bread)
  • Combine well; cover and refrigerate for 20 minutes
  • Meanwhile, slice the bread and drizzle each slice with olive oil on one side only
  • Preheat grill (or oven) to 375ºF
  • Place oiled side of bread down on the grill or baking sheet and toast for 3-4 minutes (or until lightly golden brown); flip toasts and cook another 1-2 minutes;
  • Once both sides of bread are toasted, rub cut garlic onto the oiled side of each slice of bread
  • Top with tomatoes; garnish with fresh basil and serve



This recipe calls for 2 ½-3 cups of diced tomatoes. If you're using HUGE Jacksonville tomatoes, use 3-4; homegrown or vine-ripened use 6-8 large; Roma use 10-12. Heirlooms come in so many different sizes it's hard to recommend how many. Use the size to determine about how many you'll need.

Peeling and seeding tomatoes:

Leave the skin on; cut the tomato in half; cut the core out; using your finger or a spoon, remove and discard seeds
Chop tomatoes into fine pieces (about 1/4 inch squares)
I do not recommend adding basil to the tomato mixture; it turns black and isn't very appealing. Instead, add it right before you serve, as a garnish on top of the tomatoes!
If you do not have fresh garlic, use a garlic-infused olive oil or add a teaspoon of minced garlic to the tomatoes. Remember, the idea here is to taste the tomato--with a hint of garlic and basil.
The recipe proportions are for a full-sized loaf of Italian bread; not a small round "crostini" type bread
If you purchase "pre-toasted" crostini rounds, you may want to warm them in the oven first. Just place them on a baking sheet and cover with foil. Bake at 300ºF until rounds are warm. Rub the cut-side of a clove of garlic over each of the warm bread rounds, then top with tomato mixture.
Serving Suggestions:
This appetizer is best served when the toasted bread is slightly warm and the tomatoes are room temperature.
Serve bruschetta as a light topping for your favorite eggs, fish, or add to nachos or tacos.

Nutrition Estimate

Serving: 121/2 inch slicesCalories: 50kcal
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  1. 5 stars
    Excellent choice for a hot summer day!! Love this recipe—especially the Jacksonville tomatoes!!