Foodie-Science Tips

A collection of Foodie Science tips that every cook needs to know!

Food science is not something we think about everyday, but it is an important part of “why” ingredients act and react with one another.

Here are a few shortcuts to everyday mishaps in the kitchen, and how to avoid them.

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How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs

How to easily peel, avoid the nasty green ring and more!

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Quick foolproof method for fluffy scrambled eggs every time.

Fix Over Salted Foods

Heavy-handed with the salt shaker? Here’s how to fix over salted foods.

Keep Eggplant from Turning Brown

Follow these steps and your eggplant won’t turn brown.

How to Keep Green Vegetables Bright Green

Avoid drab green vegetables.

Pan Roasted Sweet Corn

How to roast corn in a cast-iron skillet.

Secrets to Gravies and Sauces 

The secrets to making silky smooth and delicious sauces.

How to Properly Thaw Foods

Don’t risk a foodborne illness. Learn how to thaw proteins the safe way.

How to Identify Whole Grains

Not all labels are the same. Know what to look for when buying whole grains.

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